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Sarah Welch

Mrs Dunkley

Welcome to Kites

Kites class is one of three year 6 classes at Brampton Ellis Primary School. The class teacher is Miss Welch and the children are also well supported by the teaching assistant, Mrs Dunkley.


Continuing the theme which runs throughout school, the classroom ethos is Respect, Responsibility and Resilience. We promote being kind and polite to both children and adults in the class, being responsible and continuing to try our best, even when things are challenging. We regularly recap our learning, to help us to remember it and develop a positive, responsible attitude and resilience towards learning.

Indoor P.E. is usually on a Tuesday afternoon. Outdoor P.E. is usually on a Wednesday afternoon and is generally taught by Mr Allen. On P.E. days, children are to come to school ready prepared by being dressed in their P.E. kits.


Throughout the autumn term, the topic is about the environment and plastic pollution, with focuses on the U.K. and the Philippines. The class novel will be ‘Trash.’

During the spring term, the topic is crime and punishment in Tudor, Victorian and modern times. Instead of a class novel, children will study some of the works of Shakespeare.

The final topic in the summer term is ‘World Cities’ and will later focus in on Egypt. The class novel will be ‘The Red Pyramid.’