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Andrew McLeavy

Jane Brown

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Wendy Gaskin

Welcome to Merlin Class!

Merlins class is one of three year 5 classes at Brampton Ellis Primary School. Our teacher is Mr McLeavy and we are also well supported by our teaching assistants, Mrs Smith, Mrs Brown and Mrs Gaskin.


Continuing the theme, which runs throughout school, our classroom ethos is Respect, Responsibility and Resilience. We promote being kind and polite to both children and adults in the class, being responsible and continuing to try our best, even when things are challenging.

Our indoor PE session is on a Monday and our outdoor PE session is on Friday. Children are reminded to come to school in their PE kits on these days.


We also have a huge emphasis on the benefits and joy of reading. Children are reminded to ensure they are reading as much as possible and bring their records in to be checked on a regular basis.

*Throughout the autumn term, a lot of our lessons are linked to the class novel of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. We are also learning about the Industrial Revolution with a focus on Sheffield and the impact of industrialisation on this city.

*During the spring term, the topic will be focussing on the Mayan civilisation in terms of its location and how they used the environment. We will also look at the growth and decline of this civilisation and the reasons why and some of their achievements.


*The final topic in the summer term will be a geography unit comparing and contrasting a Yorkshire city (Sheffield) with a coastal town (Scarborough). We will carry out fieldwork when we visit Scarborough and compare the key human and physical geographical features and land use between these two places.



Mr McLeavy