School improvement priorities 2020-21


Impact of COVID-19.

The above curriculum statement was new in 2019-2020. Due to school closure on the 20th March 2020, some actions in the DEP were not completed or evaluated. Therefore, the focus for this year’s DEP has been re-evaluated to put greater emphasis on the following areas: School family wellbeing, academic catch-up and the key curriculum drivers of: reading, possibilities and the global community. We will be adopting a ‘Recovery Curriculum’ approach to best support individual needs. This will reduce the national curriculum content offered in the first instance.

The quality of education

Recovery Curriculum Approach

Academic Catch-Up

  • To identify and address gaps in the previous year’s English and Maths curriculum

  • To revisit key learning from the previous year’s curriculum in English and Maths

  • To teach missing core knowledge in the Science curriculum

  • To target identified children to offer focussed support e.g. Tutor catch-up programme

  • Implement a phased return to full national curriculum as and when appropriate

  • The quality of teaching assessment will give an accurate picture of the catch up progress

Reading Motivation

  • Develop classroom libraries WITH children

  • Improve all adults knowledge of children’s literature

  • Improve all adults knowledge of their children as readers

  • Develop book talk

  • Be flexible with time and opportunities for reading

  • Embed reading for purpose across the curriculum


  • Create word curious children


  • Create fluent and confident readers


  • Develop a journey to greater depth writing across school




  • To embed whole class feedback

  • To adapt existing planning format and expectations

  •  To embed accelerated progress in times table recall

  • To promote the use of appropriate vocabulary in maths

  • To embed maths meeting approach


Wider Curriculum

  • To create a flexible approach when selecting subject areas/topics that allows bubble autonomy

  • To continue to develop staff subject knowledge

  • To introduce a whole school PSHCE/RSE scheme

  • To embed retrieval practice

  • Create links between school ethos/PSHE/Citizenship and global issues and ‘possibilities’



  • To prepare for the new curriculum

Behavior and attitudes


  • To complete a full review of the behaviour policy

  • To continue to embed our whole school inclusive practice


Personal Development

Recovery Curriculum Approach


  • To use the school values -3Rs- as a trigger to rebuild: relationships, routines and trust

  • To introduce a whole school PSHCE scheme – Jigsaw

  • To gain an understanding of the impact of COVID-19 on staff, pupils and families.

  • To continue to embed Brampton Ellis Well-being Policy

  • How to remain COVID-19 safe

  • To tailor provision and curriculum according to the needs of each bubble

  • To create a flexible approach to the school day


 Leadership and management

  • To maintain strong curriculum leadership

  • Mentoring early career teachers

  • To remodel CPD opportunities