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Kathryn Clarke

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Gemma Oxley


Abigail Smith

Emma Dawson

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Shelby Windle

Welcome to Wren Class!


In our class we have Foundation Stage 1 children who are aged 3 and 4 years old. Some of our children attend AM or PM places and other children attend the setting for 30 hours per week.


Our aim in the Foundation Stage is to have an immersive environment which the children can enjoy, learn and achieve. The children’s interests are important to us and we try and plan these into every opportunity of learning and topic planning. Each day we provide learning opportunities for phonics, maths and literacy as well as exploring expressive arts and knowledge of the world. All activities are focused around hands on education where children are equipped to deepening their learning by questioning their experiences. We encourage children to think about their learning at all times, explaining their understanding.


The most important thing is we want children to enjoy their time in school and make special memories. 


PE is on a Friday and children should come to school in their PE kit.