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Y3/4 Football Tournament - Tuesday 17th September

Our Y3/4 football team represented the school very well when they took on 5 different schools in the competition at Wath Comprehensive School. The competition was strong and all the boys conducted themselves brilliantly in a sporting manner. Over the 5 fixtures we won 3, drew 1 and lost 1. Unfortunately, we came second in the group so didn’t quite qualify for the next round, but the boys took this well and enjoyed the event.

Archie - “I was feeling nervous, excited and confident all at the same time but I knew Brampton would smash it”.

Colby - “As we were walking up to the pitch I was feeling very nervous, I had butterflies in my stomach but by 5 o’clock it was time to go home and I was very tired and sweaty”.

Dylan – “When we arrived at the football pitch I was very excited but when we were all playing it was very hard. I am happy that we won some matches.


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