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Modern Foreign Languages


At Brampton Ellis Primary, we believe that studying a Modern Foreign Language is an important part of our children’s education. It is a lifelong skill which can help to develop young people into well-rounded, culturally aware global citizens. Through the teaching of Spanish, we hope to foster children’s curiosity and in turn, deepen their understanding of the world around them. We believe that through learning about cultures different from their own, we can teach children respect; a value very important to our school ethos. Through high quality language teaching, we aim to provide children with the knowledge, transferable skills and confidence to express themselves in many situations. We also hope to lay the foundations for further language study in the future, opening a world of possibilities.


We are currently trialing the use of Language Angels an online resource which provides clear guidance and support for both staff and pupils. 


Pupils have the confidence to use Spanish beyond the classroom in real life situations and have a curiosity to want to continue their studies in their next phase of learning.


 Progression Map

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