Please find below a quick guide of how to apply for places at Brampton Ellis Primary School, Rotherham. Please note (as outlined below) that the application process differs for Foundation Stage 1 (Nursery) and from Foundation 2 to Year 6.

Admissions to school at Foundation Stage 1 (Nursery)

Brampton Ellis Primary School provides a Foundation Stage 1 (Nursery) facility at our Key Stage 1 site either on a part time basis where children attend a three-hour morning or afternoon session or for 30 hours a week (if eligible). Applications for places at our nursery facility are handled and processed directly by the school in line with the Rotherham MBC Children and Young People’s Services admissions policy.

Children's names can be placed on our waiting list from birth, and places are offered usually in the September after the child turns 3 years of age. To register interest for places in our Nursery please either call the school office or complete and return the following "Nursery Application Form". As places become available we will contact people on the waiting list with a view to completing the application process.

Please note that there is no automatic transfer between Foundation Stage 1 (Nursery) and Foundation Stage 2 therefore securing a place in our Nursery does not guarantee a place in our school. Therefore all parents must submit an application for a full time place at school.

Admissions to school from Foundation 2

Brampton Ellis Primary School is a school that follows the policies of Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council (RMBC) Children and Young People’s Services. All admissions to school from Foundation 2  are governed by the admissions policy of the local authority as detailed in the Admission to Primary School Booklet – 2021/22 (see links below). Children start school in the autumn term of the school year in which they turn five years old. 

It is the responsibility of parents/carers to apply for a school place and if your application is late, you are less likely to be granted a place at one of your preferred schools.

You can "Apply for a place" via the RMBC website using one of the following methods:

(i) Complete the online form between 14th August and 15th January 2022
(ii) Download, complete and return Common Application Form by post by the closing date of 15 January 2022

(iii) Parents/carers will be notified of school placement on 19th April 2022

Please find below a list of useful resources on the RMBC website to help you start and complete the application process:

(i) Starting Primary School September 2022
As you are applying for a place at a Church of England Primary School you will need to download and complete an Additional Information for Church of England Form as part of the application process.

Please note that Brampton Ellis Primary School, as with all other controlled schools, does not have the authority to grant a place at the school directly.

Admission Limits 2022/23

You will find further information plus a copy of the latest Admissions Policy for Brampton Ellis Primary School on the RMBC website as follows:

(i) School Admission Policies (Overview)
(ii) Brampton Ellis Primary School Admissions Policy 2022/23 (PDF)

In response to the pandemic our admissions policy has been changed acknowledging the period when places of worship have been subsequently closed.

Admission Limits 2022/23

Nursery (F1): Maximum of 30 children per session.  This can be either mornings, afternoon or full time. 
Key Stage 1: 40 full-time places *
Key Stage 2: 90 full-time places **

* The admission number for this year is 40 and all children will be admitted during the Autumn Term prior to their 5th birthday. Where parents wish to defer entry or request that the child attends
part‐time, the request will be considered where it appears to be in the best interest of the child.
All children will be admitted by the term following their 5th birthday ‐ compulsory school age.

** The Primary School has a higher admission number of 90 for pupils in Years 3 to 6. The Governing Body will give priority to applications from parents of children in Year 2 at Brampton Cortonwood Infant School, which is considered a feeder school to Brampton the Ellis CE Primary.
If the number of applications from Cortonwood Infant school means the school exceeds the
admission number of 80 then each of the applications will be assessed against the criteria.

Visit our school

Throughout the year we can arrange tours of the school which give prospective parents/carers and children a valuable insight into our school, how we work and its facilities. These visits are by appointment only and to find out more information and/or make an appointment then please call the school office on 01709 760 370. 

Update on Admissions Appeals


All the relevant information is available via the link below


There are currently temporary admission appeals regulations in place due to Covid and we are awaiting confirmation from the DfE whether these arrangements are to be extended.