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PE & Outdoor Learning

At Brampton Ellis Primary School we believe that PE has an important part to play in developing the “whole-child” and very much encompasses the school’s 3 Rs.

Respect – At Brampton Ellis Primary School, it is our intention when teaching the PE Curriculum that we develop the enjoyment of physical activity, teaching the children to respect their bodies through leading active and healthy lifestyles. Our intention is that this will serve as a foundation to carry this healthy approach into adulthood. PE lessons at Brampton Ellis are fully inclusive and we encourage our children to respect and recognise that we all have different strengths and weaknesses and need to support and encourage one another. Showing respect to the officials, the opposition and fellow teammates is very much a part of the school’s ethos and one which we encourage our children to embrace.

Responsibility – Our ethos at Brampton Ellis Primary School is very much on working together as a team. It is our intention to allow children to develop their leadership skills where they are responsible for supporting peers and younger children during playtimes and lessons. Children are also given opportunity to make their voices heard and influence whole school sport activities.

Resilience – Our PE curriculum is broad and progressive allowing the children to experience and build on previous skills, knowledge and understanding. It is our intention to build each pupil’s resilience and determination with all they do by setting individual goals and developing their confidence through trying new sports and physical challenges.


Every class is timetabled to receive 2 sessions of high-quality PE teaching every week.  

The PE Curriculum is mapped to ensure that there is a broad coverage of sports and skills. Links are also made to topics being taught in other subject areas. For example, certain dances are choreographed to a certain theme, Y5 take part in astronaut training as part of their space topic and pupils have the opportunity to practise their map reading and directional skills through orienteering in the school grounds.

Staff are confident to deliver PE lessons and this is supported through the delivery of relevant in-school training, signposting staff to appropriate PE courses and through investing in a whole school PE scheme which ensures progression in skills.

The profile of PE is high in the school, promoting the importance of leading healthy lifestyles. This is achieved by celebrating sporting successes on the PE noticeboard, on the school website and in whole school assemblies.

Lessons are adapted to cater for the needs of all children. We also include a number of specific disability sports such as Boccia, Danish Longball and Seated Volleyball which both able-bodied children and children with physical disabilities can access. These have been very popular in lessons and have also been run as extra-curricular clubs.


The school uses some of its School Sport Premium money to buy in the services of a PE specialist who runs an extensive competitions calendar across the year. The children have the opportunity to represent the school in numerous clubs and competitions. This affords the children the chance to represent Brampton Ellis and to compete alongside other schools. Through such experiences, they can learn the importance of respecting others and develop their resilience through experiencing the thrills of success but also being gracious in defeat.


As well as 2 sessions of curriculum PE a week, children are encouraged to be active throughout the day by the inclusion of “Active breaks” during lessons, whether this be a 10-minute run or an online aerobic activity. Also, some of our School Sport Premium money is used to employ a Sports Specialist for coordinating “Active Playtime”. This includes running sport specific activities at lunchtime and he manages the Playground Leaders. These are a group of Y5 and Y6 children who are responsible for leading activities as part of “Active Playtime” such as skipping, ball games and can also act as referees.

Children are also encouraged to develop leadership skills in lessons by leading warm-ups and taking on the role of a coach, working with peers to help them improve in a specific area.


One child from each class is elected as a Sports Councillor, having the opportunity to get involved and make a difference with whole-school sports and activities. Successes so far have included raising funds for new PE and playground equipment and with the running of sports day. They also devised and implemented a sticker system to motivate children to be more active at lunchtimes.


Our approach at Brampton Ellis Primary School means that, at the end of their time with us, our pupils have had a positive and enjoyable experience of physical education. This then serves as a foundation on which to build in the future, developing into active, healthy young adults.

A McLeavy2.jpg

Andrew McLeavy
Physical Development Team Leader

A Allen.png

Ant Allen
Sports Specialist

J Krzebietka.jpg

Jenny Krzebietka
Physical Development Member


Josh Whaley
Sports Specialist


Olivia Gaynor_edited.jpg

Olivia Gayner
Physical Development Member

Abby 1.PNG.png

Abby Rhodes-Bramall
Physical Development Member

Dan Bennett.webp

Dan Bennett
Sports Specialist

KS1 PE Curriculum Map

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