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History Intent Statement

At Brampton Ellis Primary our History curriculum is designed to ignite and stimulate children’s curiosity about the past through a topic-based approach underpinned by strong disciplinary knowledge. We adhere to National Curriculum aims. Through engaging, relevant topics and a focus on building a subject specific terminology, children will be given opportunities to investigate and interpret the past alongside gaining a deeper knowledge of British, local and world history. We want children to be inspired to learn about how the past has shaped the world today and to consider their own identity and the challenges in their lifetime. To ensure a coherent understanding of the chronology of the past, explicit links to previous learning will enable them to place their learning on a mental timeline to help them appreciate how events are linked and separated.

Throughout their time here they will learn about changes within their own living memory and events beyond, which are significant nationally and globally, as well as learning about the lives of significant individuals. Children will ask questions about life in the past and will use a range of sources critically to build their knowledge, develop perspective and make informed judgments. They will be able to clearly communicate their understanding of past events. The range of skills developed through historical learning will be applicable across other subject areas and future learning


Our teachers are enthusiastic about this subject and promote a positive attitude towards learning about and from the past. Our whole school approach to teaching this subject includes:

·         Ensuring that staff have a deep understanding of the time period and concepts they are teaching and where this fits within the progression of learning for the pupils

·         Exploration of challenging concepts and new vocabulary.

·         Knowledge and skills that are built upon from previous learning.

·         Children accessing educational visits and/or visitors into school in order to explore and bring to life aspects of and periods in history.

·         Effective formative assessment and feedback that informs future learning.


Our approach at Brampton Ellis Primary School results in children who are curious, motivated and excited to explore, question, compare and evaluate the past and its impact on our world today. Educational trips and visitors enable our children to widen their experiences, knowledge and understanding of History. 

History Curriculum Progression Map

Geography Links to History

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