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Our Curriculum Statement

Our school curriculum fully embraces the National Curriculum and EYFS statutory framework providing a strong foundation on which to build resilient, resourceful and independent learners.

We believe that ‘Reading is Freedom’: every child has the right to be able to use reading as a tool to access learning, growing in knowledge with a wider connection to the world and an increased confidence in their own understanding.

Our curriculum is a progressive model underpinned by the development of strong basic skills in English and Maths which supports the acquisition of knowledge and a deeper understanding.

We embrace a range of teaching and learning approaches that best enable all pupils to access the curriculum and allow teachers to follow their strengths and passions. Formative assessment and feedback is key to the success of our pupils.

Our learners are encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning journey; making choices, working collaboratively, articulating ideas clearly, respecting others’ ideas and opinions and they are guided to being open to feedback that will enable them to improve their work and make progress.

Engaging, meaningful experiences and enriching visits are a valued element of our school’s wider curriculum as an increased knowledge of the world opens up new horizons.

Possibilities are an important driver of our curriculum. We aim to provide children with the learning, fundamental Christian values and wider knowledge, skills and experiences that will enable them to make the best choices in life for the path they choose to follow.

We provide a wide range of extra-curricular opportunities which enables our learners to take part in local, wider and global community activities.

Curriculum Leader Teams 2023-2024

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