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Geography Intent Statement

At Brampton Ellis Primary we believe that an increased knowledge of the world opens up new horizons and so we aim to open up the world beyond each child’s personal experiences and provoke them to ask and seek answers to questions about the physical and human environment. We seek to inspire a deep interest in the world and its people instilling the values of respect and responsibility. We want our children to care about the people of the world and the planet they inhabit. We follow National Curriculum guidance and a topic-based approach to deepen their knowledge and understanding about diverse places, people, resources, geographical features and processes.

We develop core geographical skills which are built into each area of study enabling pupils to use a range of data and sources to deepen their own understanding which they can communicate clearly. As pupils progress, their growing knowledge about the world will help them to deepen their understanding of the interaction between physical and human processes, of the formation and use of landscapes and environments and how these are interconnected and change over time.


Our teachers are enthusiastic about Geography and promote a positive attitude towards exploring and understanding the world around us. Our whole school approach to teaching this subject includes:


·         ​Ensuring that staff have a deep understanding of the content and concepts they are teaching and where this fits within the progression of learning for the pupils

·         Exploration of challenging concepts and new vocabulary.

·         Knowledge and skills that are built upon from previous learning.

·         Children using purposeful fieldwork and educational visits in order to explore and understand their local surroundings and beyond.

·         Effective formative assessment and feedback that informs future learning.


Our approach at Brampton Ellis Primary School results in children who are motivated and excited to discover, explore and care for the world around Brampton and beyond. Outdoor learning and educational trips enable our children to widen their experiences, knowledge and understanding of geography. 

Geography Curriculum Progression Map

Geography Links to History

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